We’re on a mission to transform access to custom software using explainable AI capable of human-level reasoning and dialogue. We envision a future where custom, flexible, and durable software is democratized and accessible to everyone. We are a VC-funded startup founded by repeat founders, building a product in a new category.

Realizing this vision requires AI that reasons over and continuously learns an unbounded and customized knowledge base. It requires AI that, when given a task, determines missing information, asks clarifying questions, and highlights assumptions. It requires AI that explains its reasoning and validates its answers.

We don’t see evidence that the current paradigm of ever-larger deep learning language models can realize this vision. So our approach combines the strengths of deep learning in dealing with noisy and ambiguous data with the strengths of symbolic AI in explainable reasoning and data-efficient learning. We believe that this neuro-symbolic flavor of AI will enable more useful and reliable applications in the long term.

If, like us, you are skeptical of the status quo and are excited to develop the next chapter of AI in a product-focused team, reach out to us or check out our open positions. We're also accepting academic internship applications year-round.