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Our vision is to enable anyone, regardless of coding ability, to generate reliable and trustworthy software purely from natural language specifications and interactions. That's a big challenge, and building that product requires a team experienced in deploying production-grade science at scale, with insight into the deep literature of both the neural and symbolic aspects of modern generative AI. The Durable team has been assembled specifically to tackle this challenge.

Apart from raw technical ability and experience, we optimize the team for high enthusiasm and low ego. Not only is working with such a team more pleasant, these traits are multiplicative factors of our productivity. No matter how technically proficient we are, if we’re not enthusiastic about the product and team, or if our ego inhibits collaboration or self-improvement, our potential is wasted. Like most startups, this is too hard for any individual; we have to operate as a highly-collaborative team.

If, like us, you’re excited about the opportunity to create the future of software and AI, please reach out.
Fullstack Software Engineer
Help design and build the frontend and scalable backend infrastructure for a new product with a unique user experience.
Job type Full Time
Job location On-Site in Boulder, CO
Machine Learning Internship
Learn the science and engineering behind AI from experienced engineers and applied scientists.
Job type Internship
Job location On-Site in Boulder, CO